YouTuber Angry Joe Boycotts Nintendo Over Copyright Notices

Game journalist Joe Vargas, better known by his moniker Angry Joe, has declared that he will no longer cover Nintendo games on his Angry Joe Show, which has garnered over 300 million views on YouTube over the last seven years, with his channel boasting nearly 2 million subscribers.

Nintendo are notorious for issuing copyright notices against YouTube videos that feature footage of its games, which happened to Vargas’ latest video, “Angry Joe Plays Mario Party 10”.

Though entitled to keep the video up, the copyright notice meant that Vargas was unable to collect advertising revenue from the video, so he chose to take the video down instead. He went on to add:

Nintendo recently launched its YouTube affiliate agreement, the Creators Program, to much ire, since the company wants to use it to claim 40% of advertising revenue from any associated video. The program, currently in beta, comes into effect on 27th May.

Angry Joe was one of many who criticised the Creators Program back when it was announced in February, and many YouTubers have since sworn off covering Nintendo games ever since.

Source: Polygon