Yahoo Retires Its Games and Several Other Products

Things are definitely not looking good for Yahoo right now, and it’s not exactly clear if the company will be able to bounce back from its recent troubles. Recent news regarding the renowned internet pioneer concerns its games portal and publishing channel, both of which will be discontinued as of May 13 of this year. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise for any of us, as Yahoo has stated in its latest earnings report that it plans to focus on just seven main consumer products, namely News, Sports, Tumblr, Search, Finance, Mail and lifestyle. Yahoo Games has been around since 1998, and even though it doesn’t enjoy the same popularity now as it did back then, it still includes an interesting selection of modern web-based games.

Aside from Games, Yahoo Livetext is also expected to go away soon, even though it was launched just last summer. Several regional, genre-specific media properties will also receive the axe, including Yahoo Astrology, which will be shutting down in countries such as India, Germany, France and the UK. As for Yahoo Build your Own Search Service, it will be killed off on March 31, and Yahoo is encouraging users to try out JavaScript solution YPA instead.