Yahoo Might Decide to Sell Its Core Business

Things are not looking good for Yahoo right now, as the company is struggling with both popularity and financial issues. Lately, some of the firm’s most important executives have decided to leave, most likely because profits have been shrinking for quite some time now. In light of these events, it looks like the company might be willing want to hand over its main business to someone else. According to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo started to hold more and more board meetings during which company leaders are talking about the possibility of selling. Consequently, even though nobody really knows what will be decided during these meetings, some private equity firms are already showing an interest.

Yahoo’s representatives have not issued an official statement about the news so far, and it’s worth keeping in mind that Microsoft tried and failed to buy Yahoo back in 2008. A deal with a large company could allow Yahoo to regain some of its former glory, even if it would need to give up on its core business. However, things could go the other way as well, as Yahoo could still try to maintain its independence and focus on viable recovery plans.

Do you think that the Sunnyvale-based company still has a chance to pull itself together?