Xigmatek Nebula C Mini-ITX Chassis Review

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I’m a big fan of Xigmatek chassis’, time and time again they’ve shown they can make cool products with a good range of features, but most importantly, they’ve always done it with a fiercely competitive price tag, making them very attractive products to system builders. Their latest effort, the Nebula C is another welcome entry into the increasingly popular cube-type chassis market, which make great solutions for HTPC and LAN gaming systems.

  • Includes pre-installed high performance silent (black with black blades) Xigmatek XOF fan with FCB (Fluid Circulative Bearing) for optimal exhaust capabilities.
  • I/ O panel includes 2 x Super-Speed USB 3.0, HD Audio In/Out jacks, Power/Reset.
  • Capable of mounting Mini-ITX Motherboard.
  • Innovative 2 X 3.5” HDD can be converted to 2.5” SSD for easy mix and match.
  • Included 1 additional 2.5” SSD mounting holes inside chassis
  • All 3 side panels are tool-less and designed with quick release mechanism for easy hardware mounting.
  • Can install full sized power supply
  • Innovative Intake system from base of the tower.
  • Motherboard tray perforated with holes for free flow air into chassis and option for cable tie-down
  • Can mount up to 230mm Gaming Graphic card
  • Angled power/HDD light giving visual depth.
  • Polycarbonate side panels for alternative feel.
  • Baseless construct for sleek compact appearance.

As you can see from the specifications, the Nebula C may be small, but it packs just enough features for a decent gaming rig, with room for a dual-slot graphics card, ATX PSU and a few hard drives.


First impressions of the Nebula C are very good, this is one gorgeous looking chassis, its understated clean exterior and very modern design are a far cry from the usual chassis designs we see. The exterior is finished in white polycarbonate, giving it a glossy, yet soft looking finish that gives it a premium look and feel. The bottom left corner is cut away, with a small orange light fitting, a nice touch that will provide a soft glow when powered up.


There’s really very little to see on the exterior of the chassis, which is great for those who want a clean-looking system for their AV setup.


The I/O panel is a little simple, but all the basics are taken care of, offering a pair of HD audio jacks and dual USB 3.0 ports.


The glossy top panel appears to float above the side panel and in one corner, you’ll find a large power button.


The orange LED trim around the recessed button really draws your attention on the white background, its design makes you want to push it.


Front the front of the chassis, you can see the button LED cutaway, as well as a nice Xigmatek logo in the bottom right.


Around the back, we get a break from the sea of glossy whites, swapped out for a soft matte black finish. There’s a single 120mm exhaust fan pre-installed, with water/cable routing grommets directly below it. Aside from a little extra ventilation, there’s really little else to see here, just a standard ATX PSU cut-out and the fixtures for a Mini-ITX motherboard.


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