Xigmatek Mach Mid-Tower Chassis Review


I must admit that I love a high-end chassis’ that are packed full of features with  a high-end rig installed, as I’m sure many of you do too. However, not everyone has a need for an extreme gaming system, nor the budget for one. For many people, a nice simple chassis that is easy to work with and wallet friendly is what they need and that’s exactly what we have here today.

The Xigmatek Mach isn’t the greatest chassis ever, but that’s because it was never designed to be and with a price tag of just £25, you could pick one up with relative ease. Even our younger readers could afford one after saving their pocket-money for a little while. At this price range, we can’t expect too much from this chassis, but just like any other mid-tower, it’s still got an important job to do; it has to securely house all the components needed for a low-to-mid budget gaming rig.

As you can see, the left panel has a raised section and features two 120mm fan mounts; perfect for giving some extra cooling power to your CPU and GPU.

The right side panel also has a raised section, although it has more benefits on this side as it’ll free up extra space for cable routing behind the motherboard.

The front panel is pretty straightforward, there’s a few small fan intakes down the bottom half and three 5.25″ drive bay covers at the top. It’s constructed from cheap black plastics, but it was hardly going to be milled from aluminium at this price range.

At the top, we’ve got a pair of HD audio jacks and dual USB 3.0 ports; it’s very nice to see dual USB 3.0 on a budget chassis.

Around the back, you’ll find two snap-out covers for two extra routing holes at the top, a 120mm fan mount, seven expansion slots and a bottom mounted PSU area. The top expansion slot cover is reusable, but the bottom six are a snap-off design.

The top panel design is pretty cool and features a bit of extra ventilation, as well as two large buttons for power and reset.

There’s four rubber feet on the base of the chassis, giving a good amount of ground clearance to the bottom PSU air intake, which also comes fitted with a basic mesh dust filter.