XFX XTR 550 Fully Modular Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Interior

This is only a 550W unit, so there’s not really a lot of hardware on the interior. This does mean there’s a good amount of free space between the major components, and this will help greatly with heat dissipation and allow for good airflow from the fan. Despite the limited hardware, there are still four small heat sinks, which should again help remove even more heat from the unit; they’ll no doubt help greatly with the passive/hybrid fan modes.

The main bulk capacitor is a Hitachi brand component and is rated for 330 uF, 420v and 105c.

The secondary capacitors are all high-quality components, with a mixture of Rubycon and Nippon Chemic-Con components that will provide the smaller voltages for this unit. There are quite a few wires here, but they’re bundled well and kept out of the way of the main interior of the unit, so they shouldn’t affect airflow or cooling.

The line filtering stage goes straight into a small vertical PCB, shielding it from the other components nicely, which should help reduce crosstalk. From there is moves into the bridge rectifier via the main PCB and past that first small heat sink.

Here you’ll find a smaller PCB, which houses the various controllers and PFC hardware.

The soldering on the PCB is as tidy as you could hope for, with any sensitive or closer hardware protected by protective film dividers and/or glue spots.

A good quality HA13525H12F-Z fan, the same model seen in other XFR series and Seasonic G-Series units, a perfect choice thanks to its many fan blades and capabilities to run at low RPM.