XFX XTR 550 Fully Modular Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Exterior

Typical of other XFX units, we’ve got that funky fan grille that is obviously practical in the sense that it lets the air in, but it’s also a style point that’s going to look pretty cool inside your system; who said PSUs have to look boring!

On the base, we’ve got a bit of branding, as well as the specification chart. There’s an impressive 45A no the +12V rail, more than enough juice to power a couple of graphics cards, or a single very power hungry card.

The side of the XTR is nicely designed too, with a painted on and purposely faded logo, surrounded by an embossed design that adds a little bit of flair to what could otherwise be a blank panel.

Lots of ventilation around the back for heat dissipation, as well as more branding, should you forget this is an XFX XTR from any particular angle. There’s obviously the AC line-in, as well as a handy master power switch.

All the fun stuff is around this side, with that special hybrid/normal fan switch, a split 24-pin connector, four 6-pin peripheral connectors, as well as 4 x 8-pin connectors, one of which you’ll need for the motherboard 4+4 connector.


All of the cables are of a very high quality, with all black cables and black connectors, so they should be easy to blend in with your current system build. All of the cables are flat too, which will make cable routing/management a whole lot easier, with the exception of the 24-pin motherboard cable, which comes treated with a flick all-black braiding.