World Of Warcraft Expansion: Warlords Of Draenor

Blizzard Entertainment is fairly good about staying tight-lipped about their products until they have been released, but today we got word that Blizzard has filed for a trademark in Australia and New Zealand, it is unknown if they have filed for the trademark in the US yet. According to Intellectual Property Australia, Blizzard Entertainment has filed for a trademark for the words “Warlords of Draenor”. Which is likely to be the name of the next World of Warcraft expansion. We likely wont know more about this until late next week.

We haven’t heard much out of Blizzard about any new projects that they might have coming out in the future, though next Friday we have BlizzCon. Which I am sure that they will have much tell us about, perhaps even unveiling some of their plans for the future. The last BlizzCon was in 2011, holding off in 2012 in order to work hard on some of their projects. This new Trademark may be for any number of things, though it is likely to be for a new World of Warcraft expansion. But it could be for any number of things, including a fourth instalment of Warcraft, or even a expansion for Warcraft 3, though that is highly unlikely.

In the lore of Warcraft, Draenor was believed to be lost, torn from Outlands. The Draenei race, which was featured with the release of the Burning Crusade expansion originally were from Draenor.

Blizzard loves to give us rum ors to follow, and get our minds wandering, this could easily be Blizzard giving us a good tease, though the next expansion is due to be out soon. We can only hope that it turns out to be something interesting.

Thank you Joystiq for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of LazyGeeks