WORLD’S FIRST REVIEW: In Win Dragon Rider Computer Case Review

While the mid-tower dominates the PC computer case aftermarket, there are some enthusiasts that demand the larger full-tower form factor. Whether it’s the extra room for storage devices, fans or watercooling equipment, these folks will gladly overlook the unwieldy size and increased weight that a full-tower chassis brings with it. A top-notch feature set and a bit of style is always a plus, and the big-case crowd will appreciate these more than most.

Recently, I got the opportunity to review In Win’s Dragon Slayer case (see the review HERE) and was very impressed with what they had done with the micro-ATX form factor. This time out, we jump to the other end of the spectrum and get a look at their brand new full-tower offering, the Dragon Rider. At first glance, the In Win Dragon Rider may appear to be just a scaled-up version of the Dragon Slayer, but is has a few surprises of its own. Follow along as we give you a detailed tour of the Dragon Rider and see what this big boy brings to the table.

Source: Tweaknews

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