Wonder How GTA 4 Played With Just 59MB VRAM Looks? Wonder No More.

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We have just earlier today seen how amazingly great Grand Theft Auto 5 can look on PC with the latest GTA V ENBSeries Mod screenshots and that is an achievement in itself. But there are also those that go the other way to see how big a game they can play on as little hardware as possible. In the past, we’ve also seen people strip down textures for “art”.

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Okay, this isn’t Grand Theft Auto 5, it is only 4, but it’s still quite interesting.  So how does GTA 4 work with just 59 Megabytes of VRAM on an ASUS X54C. The system is running Windows 7 Home Premium and the processor is an Intel B9600 dual-core with 2.2GHz that is assisted by 4GB single-channel DDR3 memory at 665MHz. The amazing graphics card to pull the absolute low settings is the iGPU Intel HD Graphics.

GTA4 low-res 10

It doesn’t look good and a there are a lot of graphic glitches, both small and big. Right from the beginning the ship is missing and tables couldn’t be afforded either. There are gaping holes in the ground where one usually would find the a road and there isn’t much going on at all. But it works, you can play it and the system could maintain close to 30fps throughout gameplay.

GTA4 low-res 1

These are just a few screenshots that Redditor  and Imgur user Lubenhaigen posted. A grand total of 150 buggy screenshots of low-resolution GTA4 gameplay can be found, viewed, and enjoyed – or laughed at. Check them out if you got half an hour of spare time.

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GTA4 low-res 4

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