Woman Arrested After Her Car Reported Her to Police


A woman was reported to police for an alleged hit-and-run by her own car. 57-year-old Cathy Bernstein of Port St. Lucie, Florida, crashed into the back of a of a minivan and fled the scene, only for her Ford Focus (same model as pictured above) to auto-dial 911 to report the accident, abc7 reports.

Police followed up the matter by calling Bernstein to enquire about the incident. Bernstein asserted, “Mam, there’s no problem. Everything was fine.”

The police dispatcher pressed her further, saying, “OK, but your car called in saying you’d been involved in an accident. It doesn’t do that for no reason. Did you leave the scene of an accident?”

Bernstein replied, “No, I would never do that.”

The victim, Anna Preston, was rushed to the same hospital as her alleged assailant following the accident. “I saw [Bernstein] in the hospital,” Preston said. “I just went by, and I’m assuming she had a worse night than I did.”

Following medical treatment, Bernstein was taken into custody by police.

From 2018, all motor vehicles in the European Union will be required to have on-board automatic safety features such as those responsible for shopping Bernstein to the police. The EU claims the technology could save up to 2,500 lives a year.

Image courtesy of Gaithersburg.