Windows Phone Could Surpass iOS In Three Years Time

Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system has not gained as much popularity and adoption as it wanted even with Nokia’s partnership. The Windows Mobile has yet to make the gains the world has seen from iOS. According to Forbes, Microsoft’s mobile OS could overtake Apple’s iOS in as little as three years.

Windows Phone has seen some growth the past years, but idea that it will overtake iOS in three years is hard to see. Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets have been popular models with the Windows operating system, which offer some of the best cameras you can find on a smartphone. But the core factor when it comes to smartphones is not the camera, but the actual features of the operating system. And Microsoft has a long way in achieving what Apple currently offers.

Windows Phone is currently the fastest growing mobile operating system around, and came in at 3.6% of the market by the 3rd quarter of 2013, where Android and iOS ended the quarter with 81% and 12.9%. Windows Phone has seen the greatest gain in emerging markets, and this is a key to its success.

If Windows Phone is to overtake Apple or even Android, it will most certainly not happen in as little as three years. But we have yet to see what Microsoft has to bring by unifying the Windows Operating Systems through the “Threshold” update, therefore only time will tell the actual outcome of this speculation.

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