Windows Phone Store Reaches 255,000 Apps, 10 Million Downloads Per Day

It has been a long journey for Microsoft in the smartphone market but it finally looks like things are on the up for them since they acquired Nokia who have become increasingly popular. The latest indicator of Microsoft’s growing success in the smartphone market comes from their own Windows Phone Store where the number of Apps has hit a staggering 255,000 – that’s more than Amazon’s Appstore which has 240,000 apps. What’s more the Windows Phone Store now boasts an incredible 10 million app downloads per day. While the bulk of the downloads continue to be top cross-platform apps like Instagram and Vine there is increasing demand for Windows Phone and Nokia exclusive apps according to Microsoft. Furthermore the Windows Phone store boasts 510,000 registered Windows Phone developers busy generating apps for an incredibly fast-growing platform. Every day an additional 500 apps are added to the store.

While impressive the figures pale in comparison to Google’s Play Store which has 1.5 million apps as of this month, that’s 6 times as many as the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Softpedia

Image courtesy of Microsoft