Windows Insiders Can Now Download Latest Windows 10 Beta

Windows Insiders can now download the latest build of Windows 10 – the version with all the new features we saw on Wednesday.

Microsoft said that it would allow users to download the new version next week, but for some reason it is now available to anyone. The Windows Insider programme is essentially the company’s name for the public beta and anyone can sign up at the Microsoft website.

If you’re already running Windows 10, the new version is available via a Windows Update, while for anyone else, just sign up and you can go and grab it right now. It comes with all the features the company revealed at their big event this week, including the Cortana integration, the new Xbox App, the new ‘Spartan’ browser and more.

The update has only just been made available as of writing, so we’ll have to wait for everybody to download it to see whether every new feature is there, including things like the new Xbox streaming functionality.

Source: The Next Web