Windows Fixes Issues With Games but Still Unclear With Mobile OS

Build 11102 of Windows 10 came to the public attention in a big way recently when it was discovered that the build would crash when running games. Ranging from starting up a game to swapping out from a full-screen application, many were put off updating when they discovered this bug; this has now been fixed as of Microsoft’s latest build.

Build 14251 follows on from build 11102 in fixing the problems that led to crashes when playing games. The significant jump in build numbers doesn’t reflect the level of work or number of features included in the new build. The new number is actually just to synchronise their mobile and PC versioning.

In a blog post, they reaffirm that they want to release builds faster to Windows Insiders, people who will be testing out and using the latest “version” of the operating system, often finding these little bugs in the process. The reminders in the blog post ask that people be aware, faster deployment of code means you will often find these little bugs and they may take several builds to fix.

Stating that they will be releasing builds for the Lumia 950, 950XL and 550, it is then said that they will “release Windows Mobile 10 to other devices”. Windows mobile received bad reviews, with some being fixed in the update to mobile 8.1 and more recently windows 10, although the speed at which handsets have been updated is too slow for some.

Do you use Windows 10, either on mobile or on your PC? How have you found the latest updates and patches? Was your phone or PC originally windows 10 or did you upgrade to it? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.