Windows Blue To Be Named Windows 8.1

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Windows Blue has been the hot topic of our news lately, with the Windows Blue Preview reportedly arriving this summer and the operating system itself getting leaked on the internet. Now comes the revelation that in fact, the Windows Blue operating system will not be called Windows Blue, but instead Windows 8.1. This would explain why many reported leaks of Windows Blue actually still go by the naming of Windows 8 even though they are significantly different to Windows 8 in some of their features.

In essence it looks like Windows 8.1 could replace service packs as Microsoft looks to extract more and more money out of customers. No longer will you get crucial and useful updates for free, but you will have to buy a new OS update every year to bring you to the latest version. Consequently, we may see a Windows 8, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and so on, style of progression in the Windows operating systems. Each time a major update is made, probably on a yearly basis, there will be a new version of Windows.

This is very much similar to what Apple do with their Mac OS X where each new version gets a codename and is sold as a new OS, Mac OS X 10.6 is Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 is Lion and Mac OS X 10.8 is Mountain Lion. This will allow Microsoft to have a seasonal product release and generate much more revenue without having to develop a totally new OS every time.

Although, with all that said, it is still possible these updates won’t cost anything at all. However, most people are predicting it will and will cost a nominal fee of around $20-40 each time. More importantly though, we want to precaution everyone that all this information is still in its “rumour” stages so it is possible none of it is true at all. However, with the number of leaks occurring and the mounting evidence it is looking increasingly more realistic, or at least close to the truth.

What do you think about the possibility of Microsoft changing their Windows OS release strategy? Would you pay for yearly Windows OS version updates? Would this drive you to pirating the software? Let us know what you think.


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8 Comments on Windows Blue To Be Named Windows 8.1

  • Avatar windblows says:

    hell no I wouldn’t pay for basic updates to problems THEY caused. Microsuck is ever closer to blending with apple.

  • Avatar Dan says:

    Im only gonna buy if i like what i see, not because its the newest thangg, Windows can suck a donkey if im paying every year for updates, mind you, they will get away with it cause not everyone is like me eh…

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    And Mac OS X 10.9 should be called Lion Down. Screw paying for yearly updates, screw paying for updates at all. All they’re trying to do is milk us. We have to put our foot down now.

  • Avatar Rick M. says:

    I have experienced problems with my WiFi since upgrading my laptop to Windows 8 . The fix to the problem was to “upgrade” back to Windows 7. So, am I now going to purchase an upgrade/patch/fix to this problem when the Microsoft Windows upgrade Assistant did not flag this as a compatability issue before I purchased Windows 8?

    IMO, Apple has a better track record of providing stable releases the first time around, where Microsoft has dropped the ball at times, such as when they released Vista. Of course, Apple does have the advantage of producing their own hardware, but this makes Microsoft’s business model much different than Apple. Apple also provides awesome support on their hardware and software products, even offering free in-store classes to their customers. Where is your nearest Microsoft store for local support and assistance? When was the last time you were given free support from Microsoft? Most will say never as many Windows installations are OEM, so the support is thrown back to the hardware manufacturers.

    My experience has led me to make an effort to become more familiar with Apple products, not that I am going to completely drop Windows immediately or go out right away and purchase a Mac, but I am looking to see what is available and trying to calculate the cost of ownership of an Mac vs. a PC, so I ma prepared to make a educated decision should I require a new computer in the near future. Adding fee for upgrades fixes from Microsoft will increase the cost, not in terms of dollars, but also in the unavailability of features that may not have been implemented correctly, while waiting for the next upgrade.

    Of course, a pay-for-upgrade model, may explain why they are so hush-hush about current Windows 8 bugs. And I say this because, the problem I am experiencing was seen in the customer preview (I was not aware of it until after WIN 8 release), some older laptops and on some new Windows 8 laptops direct from the factory. They have to know the problem exists…but why admit it now and be forced provide a fix, when they can advertise it as a fix in Windows 8.1…

    My point here is that consumers will quickly become extremely bitter if they have to purchase ‘fixes’ for something they purchased and never worked properly from the beginning.

  • That depends on if they change their price for a new license. If it’s still ~$100 for an OS license and then $20 for an update every year…no, I’m not interested. If it’s $20 to buy the OS license and then $20 each yeah, then I’d probably give them $20 each time.

  • Avatar NickelDare says:

    Basically… every person who got a Brain and knows how to use it will either stick with Win7 or go over to Linux…

  • Avatar essexgirlSE says:

    what’s wrong with Windows Blue? It’s much easier to remember and more marketable. At least then it sounds like something new…

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    pfff!! Microsoft and their nomenclature problem.
    IMO it should be Windows remain Blue in the name but should have version number 8.1
    There is absolutely no need to change he name.

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