Windows 8.2 “Green” Concept Screenshots Created

While the Windows 8.1 preview is literally just around the corner, designers at Studio384 have been knocking up some concept designs of what the next Windows 8 installation will look like. The next in the series will probably be Windows 8.2 “Green” before we see Windows 9 emerge after.

In the Windows 8.2 concept design, Studio384 focused mainly on the Windows 8 UI and a “notification center” that groups all the notifications you received on your Windows 8.2 device. This is very much inspired by mobile phone and tablet usage scenarios but it seems a nice idea for a feature given the space Windows 8 is heading into.

Furthermore the Green concept also improves the desktop user interface and the Window control butters are now simpler to use.

The taskbar also doesn’t support transparency anymore which improves the feel of the UI.

If you like the Windows 8.2 Green concept by Studio384 then be sure to check them out. I myself think the notification center is a pretty genius idea although I am not sure I’d really feel comfortable with having that on my desktop PC. What are your thoughts on the Windows 8.2 Green Concept?

Images courtesy of Studio384