Windows 8.2 To Come With Big Changes In January 2014

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Although Windows 8.1 has just been released, Microsoft has apparently listened to its customers feedback of the newly updated operating system and will implement the required features and fixes in the next update, which is scheduled for January 2014.

Microsoft is said to bring back the Start Menu, one of the main features and the biggest disappointment in Windows 8. Although the 8.1 update brought back the apparent Start menu button, it only takes the user to the Metro UI instead of opening up the familiar drawer found in previous Windows version. Windows 8.2 however is said to fix this feature and bring back the Start Menu which we are all familiar with.

Internet Explorer will get a boost as well, having to release with the latest developments in the speed of loading pages increase. Windows 8.1 introduced the new Internet Explorer 11, but it did not look or feel (in terms of performance) anything better than previous versions.

Lastly, Microsoft will restore the File Explorer library by default in the new version of Windows 8.2. It could be incorporated in the current version of the operating system, but Microsoft tech support has been written so many questions about where it can be configured in, so Redmond decided to show the File Explorer by default.

Microsoft is expected to release the Windows 8.2 update in January 2014 and, as Windows 8.2, it will come as a free update through the Windows Store application.

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19 Comments on Windows 8.2 To Come With Big Changes In January 2014

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    It must be a malicious rumour. Since when has MS ever listened to the customer.

  • Avatar Guillermo Lamphar says:

    This is fuckin bullshit. I don’t understand how people cand bash on something for not being exactly as it was the previous version. Is just plain stupid specially becasue most of these people haven’t even tried the OS compeltely. Once you accept the changes is faster in almost everything than all preivous windows, hands down.

    • Avatar Prefix123 says:

      I never accepted the changes I installed a Startmenu Alternative 3rd party app and was never happier since. Love Windows 8.

    • Avatar Flenix says:

      I love windows 8, but the lack of a proper start menu was a bit offputting. The thing that annoys me the most however is it’s no longer easy to minimize or close apps… I just want my little top-right buttons back 🙁

    • Avatar Austin Parker says:

      its a kinda talladega nights setting……I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS! when you first get the O.S but iv made the switch and i dont think il go back it is much faster.

    • Avatar MidnightDistort says:

      Yeah because newer is always better. The start menu has been in Windows since Windows 95. Then they suddenly remove it with Windows 8 and you want to call it an improvement. All the while no one really likes the new UI they are either avoiding it or they are installing 3rd party software. Some are slowly adopting Linux or Apple. It’s not ok to complain about something that’s different or changes but when they decide to change it back and give users more options the ones that have been trying to get others to change are now complaining that MS is giving everyone what they want. And for the record, Windows 8’s UI is a joke. You can thank MS for motivating me to switch to Linux. I’m pretty sure others feel the same. You can’t force anyone to buy something they are going to hate.

      MS seems to be finally redeeming themselves and are attempting to make the Windows userbase happy again. They should have done this in the first place because now anyone who liked that awful UI in W8 is now going to complain about going back or giving users options, just like YOU. So how about stop whining and accept the changes? Don’t like it now that it’s being force fed to you now? Then stop whining about those who want to stay with MS but they don’t want their OS butchered and have to relearn how to use the OS.

  • Avatar James H says:

    I’d like to see the Windows DVD Maker make a return! It is the best for the simplicity that I need! I don’t use it very much anymore, but it’s that odd occasion I need it! I think Windows 8.2 is the next upgrade I will make. Goodbye Windows 7 :'(

  • Avatar PC says:

    To be continue….8.3…:)

  • Avatar James H says:

    Author, also, to point out, In the last line, you have written “…and, as Windows 8.2,…” where you should have written Windows 8.1!!

  • Avatar Koushik Manna says:

    At first they should release the ISO for 8.1 or 8.2 which will accept the Windows 8 product key.
    Update from the store is not at all a good concept!

  • Avatar Толя Белушкин says:

    Пидарасы пишите по Русски!!!Славяне лайкаем!!!

  • Avatar Guest says:

    Microsoft is expected to release the Windows 8.2 update in January 2014 and, as Windows 8.2 (8.!) , it will come as a free update through the Windows Store application.

  • Avatar Branden Jew says:

    Microsoft is expected to release the Windows 8.2 update in January 2014 and, as Windows 8.2 (8.1!)……………., it will come as a free update through the Windows Store application.

  • Avatar Dr. Moist says:

    Another Microshat U-Turn, they should just be called MicrU-Turn. Now bring back Windows Home Server, and Business Server and I’ll be a little happier, rather than turning my customers to Linux for a fraction of the price.

  • Avatar MidnightDistort says:

    Good, maybe Windows will be going back to normal and people can stop whining about MS changing everything. Oh wait, the only people who are going to be whining about Threshold are those wanting the OS to be a certain way and everyone should adapt, right? Well deal with the changes. Funny how for the past 3 years people have been convinced that W8 was the future and that people should adapt while ignoring that Windows has been relatively the same since 93′ for a reason that desktop PC’s should have a desktop UI. It was until some moron decided that a touch UI would function great on a desktop UI and suddenly people are crawling out of holes, caves and from under rocks is when these people decided that Windows 8 is the only way and people should adapt. No, you expect to have everyone to like the changes and deal with it because you happen to like the way it is. Well there’s plenty of people who liked Windows the way it was before W8. So now MS is trying to bridge that better so users has an option and really a desktop PC should have a desktop UI. Touch is just a feature that is pointless to have and yet some are acting like babies that MS is putting the start screen somewhere where desktop users don’t have to deal with. So stop whining, your outnumbered 5 to 1.

  • Avatar Ruben says:


  • Avatar woodydewar says:

    I want to install a trial version before I buy it. Will there be a Consumer Preview?

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