Windows 8.1 Users Will Spend $100 Million On Apps This Holiday Season Says MS

Microsoft has released some preliminary new figures about how well it expects its Windows Store(s) to do over the holiday season. Over this year’s holiday season Microsoft says that its Windows Store will notch up around $100 million in revenue from the sale of apps, games and other Microsoft products. Part of this plan will involve Microsoft’s newly announced gift cards, pictured above, which have been made available especially in time for the holiday season of 2013.

“As a result of consumer gift card purchases and promotional programs for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 devices, we expect consumers to have over $100 million dollars (USD) available in their Microsoft accounts to spend on app and in-app purchases this holiday season.” said Microsoft on its blog.

Microsoft is parading the flexibility of its Windows Store which allows consumers to purchase apps and games for tablets, notebooks, desktops, mobile phones and of course its Xbox consoles. Microsoft has also been streamlining the payment system for Windows Store accounts to encourage consumers to buy more apps by making the process easier.

Image courtesy of Microsoft (TechNet Blog)