Windows 8.1 Preview Causing Battery Life Problems For Some Users

As expected the Windows 8.1 Preview is filled with bugs and things that need fixing, which is totally expected given it is still in reasonably early stages of its development. The consumer release preview is of course designed to expose bugs and get consumer feedback so Microsoft can tweak and tune for the final release version which will be more polished.

According to some digging around done by Softpedia the Windows 8.1 Preview is causing battery life problems on specific configurations. One user posting on the Microsoft forum talked of how the Windows 8.1 preview ruined his battery life and caused his Dell XPS 10 to produce lots more heat than it normally would do.

“I upgraded my Dell XPS 10 from 8 to 8.1 RT and I am having similar issues. Battery drains quickly and the tablet heats up a lot. I called dell support who are going to reimage my PC. I like the update to it is un workable if in present condition”

Microsoft is no doubt aware of such issues but this is definitely something worth considering if you haven’t downloaded the Windows 8.1 Preview yet, and were considering it for a battery-run device such as a tablet or notebook.

Image courtesy of Microsoft