Windows 8.1 Features Improved Malware Resistance And Data Protection

At this week’s Black Hat 2013 conference Microsoft has been busy explaining some of the newest security features for its Windows 8.1 Operating System. Microsoft is trying to push Windows 8.1 to the business community and has promised that “pervasive device encryption” means employee data is always safe on their devices. Pervasive device encryption has been added to all editions of Windows 8.1 for devices with support for InstantGo and another new feature is the ability to selectively wipe corporate data.

While encryption is fully supported other mechanisms like BitLocker and BitLocker To Go are also supported on Windows 8.1 Pro and Enterprise. New protections have been introduced such as the network key protector, automatic recovery key escrow to Active Directory and other protections to ensure a physical drive isn’t compromised when lost or stolen.

“With Windows 8.1, we introduce Remote Data Removal which will allow an IT department to wipe corporate data (e.g. emails, attachments, corporate data that came from Work Folders) off a BYOD device without affecting personal data.” Microsoft’s Dustin Ingalls states.

Additional security improvements include an updated Windows Defender with behaviour monitoring for the memory, registry and file system. Internet Explorer has added improved security with an improved API that can make a “security determination” before executing a binary extension. Internet Explorer 11 will also pack an Enhanced Protection Mode.

So Microsoft is really pushing new security features for both consumers and business customers. Of course you can trial some of these new features with the Windows 8.1 Preview.

Image courtesy of Microsoft