Windows 7 boxed and ready

The past few weeks has led to many internet discussions over the pricing structure of the eagerly anticipated operating system from software leader, Microsoft.

Windows 7′s official pricing structure and box art work has now been revealed for the general public.

The official release date for Windows 7 is October 22nd. For anyone wanting to get a sneak peak at the new operating system, you can read the previous article explaing about the release candidate version on

Microsoft have also announced that a limited pre-order facility will be available at some stage throughout today (June 26th).

For existing XP and Vista customers, the upgrade sum of:

  • $119.99 – Home Premium
  • $199.99 – Professional
  • $219.99for Ultimate

Those wanting a fresh install on a full retail disc will have to find:

  • $199.99 – Home Premium
  • $299.99 – Professional
  • $319.99 – Ultimate

Anyone wishing to pre-order the new operating system will pay:

  • $49.99 for Home Premium
  • $99.99 for Professional

As this pre-order is limited, these are expected to sell in no time at all.

As manufacturer’s did with Vista, you will find that companies such as Sony, Acer and HP will be offering free upgrades from Vista, to the new Windows 7 for any systems sold on 27th June 2009 onwards.
So good news all around, apart from the fact that we’re in a recession, but Microsoft knows that………..Don’t they?

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