Windows 10’s First Redstone Update Will Arrive in June

As you’re probably well aware by now, Microsoft aims to release a series of regular updates for its Windows 10 operating system, and while some of these updates will have a minor role, some of them will be considerably larger and more important. The first major update for Windows 10 is codenamed RS1, and it is scheduled to arrive in June. Early versions of this update are already being tested by Windows Insiders, but the complete version will have considerably more features than it does now. So what is RS1 all about? Well, it was designed to unify different platforms such as PCs, Xbox consoles and smartphones, and it will bring about the launch of the Windows Store on Xbox One.

In an effort to further improve cross-device functionality, Microsoft’s developers will also issue an update to the PC version of Cortana that will warn users when the battery on their phones reaches low levels, for example. RS1 could also add extension support for Microsoft Edge, which could potentially increase the browser’s popularity. A second update is also in the works, but sources indicate that it won’t arrive sooner than spring 2017 even though it was originally aimed for Q4 2016. The question is: will you actually be using any of the new features included in the upcoming Redstone update, or are you just going to try to disable as many as you can and go about your business as usual?