Windows 10 Upgrade Could Free up 14.6GB Hard Drive Space

The forthcoming Windows 10 operating system boasts a myriad of improvements on previous versions, and the latest to be announced is that it will take up less hard drive space than its two most immediate predecessors. In a post on Windows Blog, Microsoft revealed that the new OS could use up to 14.6GB less space than Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Windows 10 uses enhanced compression, using a new algorithm that assesses the computer’s memory to compress files without impeding performance. The new compression system could free up 1.5GB on a 32-bit system and up to 2.6GB on a 64-bit system.

Most of the space, though, will be freed up by the removal of a separate recovery image to reset the OS to factory settings. Previously, these files could take up 12GB of hard disk space.

“Through the capacity savings of system compression and recovery enhancements, Windows devices can be lightweight and highly mobile, yet, when you need it, have the full capabilities of the Windows OS,” the Windows Blog post reads.

Source: TechRadar