Windows 10 Mobile Preview Updated

Microsoft is keen on producing a unified front for their operating systems, both their laptop and PC OS and the one they’ve deployed for Windows 10 Mobile phones. With the Pentagon upgrading their computers to Windows 10 to the operating system becoming a recommended update, we’ve heard only a little about the mobile OS, that was until the latest preview.

The latest preview features improvements to both the Edge browser, the spiritual successor to Internet explorer, to Cortana’s music playing features. Like many apps you can now download, Cortana can listen to music and search for the name and artist of the song, which means no more remembering or noting down lyrics for that google search later in the day.

Edge has been updated with several usability upgrades and fixes, but one of the biggest changes was the download prompt has been “improved”,  meaning you now have a better chance of cancelling those unwanted downloads.

The latest build does come with a small known issue, the voicemail notification and delivery system doesn’t actually work. While you can still check your voicemail, you will have to do so manually.

With fixes addressing everything from phone rebooting errors to not being able to hide the navigation bar in certain 8.1 phone apps, the latest build seems to be a step forward in order to at least make people interested in the mobile OS as a choice when buying a new phone.