Windows 10 Coming to Xbox One in January?

It’s no secret that Windows 10 is Microsoft’s attempt at a unified OS. Of course, you could argue that they tried something similar with Windows 8, but we’re not going to. Windows 10 is being designed to run right across the Microsoft range, from Windows PC to Xbox One, as well as a plethora of tablets, phones and other smart devices along the way.

Cross-platform integration is essential to its success and according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, we can expect a massive update to Xbox One in January 2015. Microsoft will be holding their own event in Washington on January 21st, where more details of the updates are expected to be revealed.

The Xbox One already uses a hybrid of the Windows 8 tile design for apps, so it’s likely not too big a stretch to update it to something visually similar to Windows 10.

Thank you Newsxbox for providing us with this information.