In Win H-Frame ATX Chassis Review

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Complete System

While I normally save this shot until last, here is the complete build with all panels in place. It certainly looks clean from here and there are some interesting reflections and shadows going on the inner blades.

Today build time was about 25 minutes, nice and simple with no complications, which is exactly what we want to hear.


The build looks really nice and clean and while that doesn’t matter too much with the side panel in place, this chassis does have interior views from some very strange angles that warrant a clean look. Cable management is nice and tidy too, although that can be credited to the use of BitFenix Alchemy cables, shame we didn’t have a set of them in blue to hand.


I decided I wasn’t going to settle for air cooling here, although there is a lot of clearance for a large CPU cooler if needed. I didn’t install a fan inside the rear 120mm fan mount, instead opting to mount out H80i right on the back of it. It’s a little tight on the water pipes, but nothing too serious and with the block turned 90 degrees it fits quite nicely with no conflicts.


Our Kingston SSD sits snug in the exposed 2.5″ HDD bay and even though this chassis has plenty of “airflow” it still helps to get that air moving in the right direction, so I’ve installed a 120mm BitFenix Spectre fan in the front to help out MSI GTX 560Ti get the airflow it loves so much.


The HDD mounts look nice and clean and the built-in SATA cables keep things tidy, although the front I/O cables would have benefited from being a colour that matches the system.


One thing that I found interesting was that you don’t need the motherboard back plate. It’s worth pointing out that you could also install a fan in the 120mm fan mount behind our radiator, giving you a push-pull configuration.


The PSU is mounted inverted, drawing air from under the chassis, this is one place where a dust filter would have been welcome, since the PSU airflow is independent of the rest of the chassis.


Finally we see the chassis from the front and looking downwards towards it. I’ve used a little extra flash on the camera so the blues look a little bright, but you can clearly see our front mounted fan, as well as our H80i in the back. The ram is visible and so too are the cables behind the motherboard, an interesting view indeed and one we don’t normally get from our builds.


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