In Win G7 Black Mid Tower Chassis Quick Look

Six months ago we took a look at the budget friendly In-Win G7 Mid Tower Chassis, it was a nicely balanced gaming chassis that offered enough room for a mid to high end gaming rig, without all the usual visual noise that often plages the low-mid budget gaming chassis market. Many manufacturers are quick to put huge windows, a rack of LED lighting, bright colours and more into their mid budget models and while that is ok, not everyone wants a disco ball in their gaming chassis.

Sure we’ve already reviewed this case, but In-Win were kind enough to humour my interest in the case again. I didn’t much go for the grey colour scheme of the one we reviewed, it isn’t a common colour in the market and it isn’t even a colour that is available here in the UK.  In-Win wanted to show us that the black model looks even better, so we were hardly going to turn down the opportunity to take another look.

AS you can see from the specifications below, the G7 packs a nice range of support that is more than capable of packing in a few graphics cards and a decent amount of air cooling, so lets get right too it and take a look at how good (or bad) this black edition looks.

The chassis comes nicely packaged in a relatively standard box. There are a few technical details on the front that detail the 365mm GPU support, EZ-Swap dock and USB 3.0 ports.

Out of the box we can see that the case is identical in design to the grey one, with the blatantly obvious exception being that this on is black. Already I think it looks better, as the metal work better matches up to the tone of the plastics used on the top and front panels. There’s plenty of ventilation on the side panel, perfect for mounting a pair of 120mm fans for even more airflow.

The right side panel may not have the embossed In-Win logo that we see on the left, but there is a large raised section that provides the chassis with extended cable routing space.

The fake brushed aluminium effect on the chassis looks a lot sleeker in black, the lines catch the light a little better and you can see more detail overall compared to the grey edition. The chassis has a really clean looking front panel, with the I/O ports at the top and a sneaky Turbo fan controller button in the top right.

Around the back we see the black paint job continues to the removable components, the expansion slot back plates are all treated with the same lightly textures paint job.

The interior is easily the biggest improvment, the black panels really clean up the look and while the cables do offer a bit of a cheap and bright contrast, they can easily be tucked away through the cable routing areas.


For just £54.99 from you’re going to be pretty hard pushed to find a more sensible gaming chassis that still packs all the features and support needed for packing in loads of storage, as well as a couple of graphics cards.


If you’re looking for something a little more grown up, without endless windows and lighting effects then the G7 ticks all boxes. The added benefits being that In-Win bundle three pre-installed fans with one in the front, one in the back and another in the top, all hooked up to an integrated two speed fan controller.  USB 3.0, dust filtering in the front and bottom of the chassis, cable management, slide out semi-modular hard drive bays and a tidy black paint job all add to the overall value.

Of course, this chassis has a lot more to offer than just a black paint job and we invite you to check out the full review of the chassis here.


  • Great air cooling support
  • Three pre-installed cooling fans
  • Integrated fan controller
  • EZ-Swap HDD dock
  • Dust filters


  • Limited water cooling support (single 120mm in rear)
  • Only one USB 3.0 port