Will Daniel Radcliffe Star in Grand Theft Auto Developer Special?

There are reports surfacing that Daniel Radcliffe is in negotiations to play the lead role for the upcoming drama about Grand Theft Auto developer, Rockstar. The new 90-min drama is about the creation of the legendary and persistently controversial Grand Theft Auto, as well as other Rockstar titles such as Manhunt and Bully, although if I’m honest, I figured the show would actually feature the real-world developers, not the guy who played Harry Potter.

There’s no doubt that GTA is a hot topic and it’s had quite a bit of history in the game development community since the game first launched on the PlayStation 1. It’s been the focus of numerous controversies from public shootings, blamed for children committing violent acts, court battles with celebrities for using their likeness, using their songs out of licence and a whole host of things, so perhaps this could be an interesting insight into what things have been like behind the scenes.

Image courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images.