Wii U to cost 250 pounds

Nintendo’s next generation console, the Wii U, still remains a mystery to most when it comes to the price it will retail for. Different sources have been reporting different prices as expected, and different regions will probably be getting different prices as is normally traditional with international products.

According to Japanese sources the Wii U will cost 30,000 Japanese Yen. That translates into £250, $400 and €325, although since those prices are based on a basic exchange rate conversion expect them to vary a bit. £250 is roughly £50 more than most people expected. Initially, retail giant Amazon listed the Wii U on pre-order for £199 but then later had to pull the pre-order and refund buyers since the £199 price was not correct.

In a separate report, a UK based anonymous source told of the price “definitely be[ing] less than £249”. So all in all this leaves the ballpark region for the Wii U price to fall into at £199-£249.

Until Nintendo officially announce the price of the console it cannot be truly known what the cost is, but given the fact it is a launch price and Nintendo will want to capitalise on this launch hype we would expect that the higher price seems much more realistic. This gives Nintendo room to chop the price down a bit later on in the product’s lifespan as demand starts to tail off.