Why the New Razer Blade is the Gaming Laptop to Beat

Why the New Razer Blade is the Gaming Laptop to Beat 

With the advent of online gaming, we have seen a growing number of new devices introduced that are dedicated to suit this purpose. The most prominent of these in recent times was the Nvidia Shield tablet, which was in fact the first product of its type to enter the market towards the end of 2014.

Cofounder and CEO Tan, said: When we debuted the Razer Blade in 2013, we set the benchmark for gaming laptops – and other companies worldwide have followed in our footsteps. We continue to listen as gamer needs evolve and the new Razer Blade again sets the industry standard by which gaming laptops are measured.

It is not just mobile devices that are benefiting from this trend, however, as there are also a rising number of functional gaming laptops available on the market. Although these products typically have multiple functions, they are designed primarily to process complex games and deliver an incredibly high level of graphics and audio quality.

A Market Leading Proposition

In the current market, the recently released Razer Blade stands out as the seminal product of choice. This represents the second generation of Razer’s ultra high-definition gaming laptop, which boasts powerful hardware and an incredibly immersive display. It also shares many similarities with the original model, borrowing heavily from its successful design elements and using these as a foundation to create a more refined laptop. This also drives an improved gaming experience, both in terms of visuals and the requisite processing speeds to deliver seamless gameplay.

In terms of similar design features, the product has an impressive 14-inch, 3200 x 1800 pixel screen. The latest model also has touchscreen capabilities, and while the quality of the display can hardly be categorised as 4K it is close enough for casual users not to detect a discernible difference. It is here where the Blade supersedes the first generational model, however, primarily through the move to a more powerful, 970M chipset. This allows for enhanced graphics and fluent gameplay at relatively elevated settings, while eliminating the prospect of blurred or unclear imagery.

Final Thoughts

Between the new GPU and a mobile Core i7 (which is typically found on larger laptops), the Blade is far more than a slim line computer with advanced gaming capabilities. It is in fact a well-engineered and dedicated gaming laptop, which offers PC-standard processing speeds and the type of graphics usually reserved for high-end consoles.

Razer’s new blade laptop is ideal for you whatever your preference, whether you enjoy traditional games such as shoot-em-ups, or if you enjoy gaming on sites like casinotropez.com, which is now switching to a responsive website design so that the site performs well on multiple devices. Throw in a slim, lightweight and eye-pleasing laptop design, and you have a complete product that can wow gamers from around the world.