White Xbox One Rumored To Be Disc-Free And White, To Be Released This Year

Xbox rumors point to a disc-free console in the works. VG247 has confirmed with a “well-respected… senior publishing source” that a cheaper version of the Xbox One is coming sometime this year. It means that a new model for the hardware, not just a price reduction on the existing $499 configuration for the system. It is said that a new system could come in at $399, but that price hasn’t been verified entirely.

Unnamed sources at The Verge have also reportedly confirmed a ntkrnl report that Microsoft is looking into a disc-drive-free version of the Xbox One. That follows reports from earlier this month that the company was considering releasing a disc-free Xbox One as late as June of 2013. The Verge also confirmed reports that Microsoft will be releasing a white edition of the console (matching the previous employees-only exclusive white model) later this year, that a major dashboard update is coming to the system in March, and that an Xbox One with a 1TB hard drive is being prepared for a November release.

Other rumored news at NeoGaf include a 1080p “anniversary” remake for Halo 2 in November (which will include access to a Halo 5 beta), DLC for Titanfall coming as soon as 45 days after launch, a 2015 release for Fable Legends, and a detailed list of launch dates for the Xbox One in various countries.

Microsoft doesn’t seem happy with this information being leaked. Kotaku reports that “one person familiar with the situation” said that Microsoft is trying to track down and “looking to take legal action” against the leaker. That doesn’t mean anything about the veracity of these claims, of course, but it does suggest the obvious: that Microsoft isn’t happy not being in full control of the information stream these days.

Thank you Arstechnica for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of The Verge