Western Digital & SanDisk Join Forces To Build SSHDs

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Earlier today we reported that Seagate were set to enter the SSD market and that is of course a good thing for both consumers and fans of Seagate products, yet it looks like Western Digital & SanDisk don’t want Seagate to have all the spotlight today as they announce their new partnership.

Western Digital and SanDisk are two of the biggest players in the world of storage and in joining forces they will be set to (hopefully) create something truly special. Their new products are said to be SSHD’s, a hybrid between SSD and HDD that offers plenty of extra speed similar to an SSD with the added benefit of the large storage capabilities of a regular hard drive and for the most part this is usually at a much more reasonable price that the equivalent SSD.

Western Digital have still to release their last hybrid devices which they announced earlier this year, a range of notebook hybrid drives, but this new development may have something to do with why we have yet to see these products.

SanDisk supply the flash bits for the WD Black SSHD, said to be the worlds thinnest SSHA and lets not forget that the SanDisk iSSD features “best-in-class” 19nm memory technology, which is based on WD hybrid tech, so there is already a lot of back scratching between the two companies in a sense, this partnership is nothing new.

Do you like the sound of a Western Digital / SanDisk SSHD? Personally I think it should be a good mixture and so long as they both get the pricing right, they could have a hot product on their hands.


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  • They should have went straight to SSD’s, SSH were a good alternative when the SSD’s were still very expensive, it is not the case anymore. The move to SSD should have happened a year ago.

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