Weaponizing a Frisbee

Well I can’t see too much wrong with this, said no none ever, if you thought drones were potentially lethal, then take a look at this Internet YouTube star by the name of Joerg Sprave, who has devised a prototype, of a weaponized Frisbee, of sorts.

The basic premise is quite simple, this maverick inventor has taken an ordinary everyday garden Frisbee before attaching Surgical Scalpels to it. Below is a screenshot of the finished item.  As you can see, it rather looks like a 99p Doctor Who villain and would certainly end in a nasty outcome if it connected with some poor soul while out for a picnic if thrown.

But does it actually work?  There is a video which conveys the designing, building and testing and is below, Joerg Sprave aims his creation at a target before throwing it.

The end result is that it does indeed attach to things,

Here is the making of Youtube video which includes demonstrations of a new kind of leaf and box cutting

This may be a low tech design, but it could be implemented in real life scenarios with lethal consequences, especially  if this idea is further modified.  If you thought parks and open spaces were just too dull, then why not liven them up with a dystopian future where you have a slightly less sharp mid-air guillotine.

You know that report in the last few days which stated that Amazon treats its employees really, really badly, where did Joerg Sprave by his Frisbee, you guessed it Amazon, lets hope Jeff Bezos does not nick this idea before calling it an “employee improvement plan”

If you would like to view other inventions by Joerg Sprave, then by all means view his YouTube channel