WD Introduced My Passport X with 2 TB for Xbox One and PC

Games keep increasing in size and having a game with 50GB data isn’t an unusual thing these days. This is particular a problem for console users with limited space and it ends with the result that they have to pick which games to keep on the drive and which to delete. WD has released the My Passport X 2TB drive for Xbox One and PC Gamers to store up to 50 extra game titles, or more if they’re smaller. It also allows to take the game files with you to a friend or other system without having to redownload them.

“Game file sizes are expanding to 36 GB per game and upwards, and are projected to continue growing,” said Tony Tate, vice president and general manager of WD’s Content Solutions unit. “Console gamers are able to store on average only 10 games on the 365 GB out of 500 GB that is available on the onboard hard drive. The My Passport X portable drive delivers a fast and easy way to expand capacity and enables an expanded library of games on the go.”

The drive connects through a USB 3.0 port for fast enough transfer speeds to actually run things directly from the drive. Just plug it in and follow the instructions on the screen, coming from your Xbox One. The drive is available now at wdstore.com, Amazing, Best Buy and other distributors. The WD My Passport 2TB HDD comes with an MSRP of $139.99 and a 1-year limited warranty.

Thanks to WD for providing us with this information.