Watch This Very Cool Oculus Rift Stop-Motion Teardown

While many have fallen out of favour with Oculus Rift due to the recent acquisition of the company by Facebook, anyone who has tried out the device knows that it is one seriously awesome piece of kit. The Oculus Rift DK1 development kit launched early last year and doesn’t have the kind of specifications we would want to see in the final product, but it’s low resolution screen and minor lag issues aside, the DK1 still had enough wow factor to convert none believers once they tried it on.

YouTube user Vsauce3 has taken the original DK1 and created a revealing stop-motion animation of the headset being stripped down to its component parts, giving us a unique insight into how the headset is designed, constructed and of course how it operates. We just hope he remembers how to put it all back together again. One thing we do know, this video must have taken ages to create! Enjoy.


DK1 was impressive, but the new DK2 which launches this June is even better, fitted with a 1080p display, a faster response time and better tracking. The headset is coming along nicely and while many sneer at the Facebook deal, the company now has the money to push the hardware to the next level and get it to retail in record time. I’ve got DK2 on pre-order, but you can bet I won’t be taking mine apart with a screw driver anytime soon.

Thank you TweakTown for providing us with this information.