Watch Movies Home Alone with the Cardboard Home Cinema

Are you tired of visiting the cinema, only to find that your experience is marred by babbling mouth breathers, rustling sweet wrappers, and lit-up smartphones, and too cheap to buy a home cinema system? Don’t despair, because Firebox has developed a private home cinema, free from extraneous distraction, that will only cost you £24.99.

The Cardboard Home Cinema. It’s a box with a couple of holes cut in it.

As the Firebox product description puts it: “for the paltry cost of a couple of movie tickets this immersive cinematic experience can be yours. Made from super rugged cardboard, it arrives flat-packed and can be quickly assembled in a matter of minutes. Your smartphone/tablet sits atop the box and plays your movie of choice while you lay down beneath it. The height of the box is easily adjusted so that your eyes are a comfortable distance from the screen (e.g. lower for an iPhone, higher for an iPad).”

While the Cardboard Home Cinema is a novel idea, its £24.99 price feels excessive, especially since it’s made from cardboard. I’ve got some old boxes in my spare room that I could use to construct the IMAX equivalent for less than the price of a box of Poppets.