Watch Movies Home Alone with the Cardboard Home Cinema

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Are you tired of visiting the cinema, only to find that your experience is marred by babbling mouth breathers, rustling sweet wrappers, and lit-up smartphones, and too cheap to buy a home cinema system? Don’t despair, because Firebox has developed a private home cinema, free from extraneous distraction, that will only cost you £24.99.

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The Cardboard Home Cinema. It’s a box with a couple of holes cut in it.

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As the Firebox product description puts it: “for the paltry cost of a couple of movie tickets this immersive cinematic experience can be yours. Made from super rugged cardboard, it arrives flat-packed and can be quickly assembled in a matter of minutes. Your smartphone/tablet sits atop the box and plays your movie of choice while you lay down beneath it. The height of the box is easily adjusted so that your eyes are a comfortable distance from the screen (e.g. lower for an iPhone, higher for an iPad).”

While the Cardboard Home Cinema is a novel idea, its £24.99 price feels excessive, especially since it’s made from cardboard. I’ve got some old boxes in my spare room that I could use to construct the IMAX equivalent for less than the price of a box of Poppets.

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1 Comment on Watch Movies Home Alone with the Cardboard Home Cinema

  • Avatar 12John34 says:

    Firebox? Please don’t confused us with Firefox.
    So Google has Cardboard, and Fire…BOX, comes with… yes, you guessed it, Cardboard. And it is only £24.99.

    Why do you post stuff like this? I mean, if it was just a good idea, OK. But FireBOX? And Cardboard? AND £24.99??? REALLY????? Don’t you feel like someone wants to make money in the backs of naive people here?

    Should I start screaming “SCAM?” OK, JMO.

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