Watch Master Chief Take on Call of Duty Players and a Juggernaut

There is a never ending battle going one between the two console races and it never seems to take any end. Which is best, Xbox or Playstation. Which is better, that’s really a personal choice and down to one’s needs, but the latest video from Danny & Michael Philippou gives a take on it.

Danny Philippou AKA Racka Racka describe themselves as wannabe filmmakers on a rampage in their Facebook profile, and that is a pretty fitting description of the video. A mayhem of funny destruction. The two twins come from Australia and this is far from their first video. If you haven’t seen any of their work before, it’s surely worth to check out.

In the video, Master Chief takes on a couple of Call of Duty players and a juggernaut in a battle to the death! PS4 VS Xbox One! But that isn’t all as the whole place also gets invaded by grandparent-zombie-apocalypse.

Don’t take it all too serious, just enjoy the video editing skills in this action packed video created by RackaRacka, 4 minutes and 40 seconds well spent in my opinion.

The video contains guns and bad language, so keep in mind that it’s NSFW.

Please don’t try this at home as you’ll probably end up in pieces, either shot, stabbed, or had you cheeks pulled off by the evil elderly zombies.