Wacom Smart Writer @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Ever feel like the touch screen on your iPad just isn’t accurate enough to write on, draw on, or to capture those inspirational moments? The Smart Writer from Wacon solves this. Draw or write what you need on normal paper, then when you’re done, just hit the transfer button and it’s instantly transferred to the app. Make a mistake? Not a problem! The app allows you to wind back the time line and even split the timeline into multiple files, load them in editing software, detect the text and move it to a doc, send to pdf and so much more.

I tested it out and the accuracy was simply amazing. This is going to be great for artist, people who like to score music, taking minutes in meetings and so much more.

The whol eunit is quite slim and comes in the form of a stylish carry case for your iPad, and best of all, it can be used with any normal pen!

If you need to recharge it, simply hook up a microUSB and you’re good to go.