Vodafone Makes Deal with Dropbox for Smartphone Data Backups

Vodafone has secured a significant deal with cloud storage provider Dropbox that will provide its customers with 25GB free space and integration with Vodafone’s new Backup+ service.

Backup+ allows Android and iPhone users to restore content to their devices, but can also be used for device migration, making the switch between Android and iOS smartphones much easier. The service also allows customers to share data with other people.

New Vodafone customers who set up a Dropbox account through Backup+ will receive a free gift of 25GB storage for a year. Other offers, yet to be unveiled, will be made available to all Backup+ users.

Though the Backup+ app will be made available to customers on the Vodafone network by the end of March, it will take a few months to roll out to most Vodafone areas.

Source: Engadget