Virginia Has the Fastest Internet in the USA

Well here they are, the fastest states in America. A new report from Broadview shows that the average internet speed in the USA is fastest in the state of Virginia and slowest in Alaska. Overall the report shows that internet speeds are slower in the Midwest and southern states with the west coast and north east states having greater speeds on average.

Here is a list of the top 10 fastest and slowest average speeds for all who are wondering what the average speed is where they live, sorry if your state isn’t on the list.

Top 10 states with fastest Internet:

1. Virginia (13.7 Mbps)

2. Delaware (13.1 Mbps)

3. Massachusetts (13.1 Mbps)

4. Rhode Island (12.9 Mbps)

5. Washington, DC (12.8 Mbps)

6. Washington (12.5 Mbps)

7. New Hampshire (12.3 Mbps)

8. Utah (12.1 Mbps)

9. Michigan (11.8 Mbps)

10. Connecticut (11.7 Mbps)

Top 10 states with lowest average Internet speed:

41. Louisiana (7.7 Mbps)

42. Missouri (7.7 Mbps)

43. Idaho (7.7 Mbps)

44. Mississippi (7.6Mbps)

45. New Mexico (7.6Mbps)

46. West Virginia (7.5Mbps)

47. Montana (7.3 Mbps)

48. Arkansas (7.3 Mbps)

49. Kentucky (7.3 Mbps)

50. Alaska (7.0 Mbps)

Now being the slowest with 7Mbps isn’t bad, here in the UK as I type this i’m only on 8Mbps and that’s as fast as I can get without getting fibre optics. So for the slowest state Alaska, you’re really not that slow.

Thanks to Tweaktown for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of Tweaktown.