Some of Intel’s low end processors facing retirement

Already having seen quite a list of Intel processors that were due for retirement, mostly from the Core i7 and Core i5 series, the cheaper CPU section is also receiving a a re-make with three Core i3, one Pentium and four desktop Atoms facing retirement.

Due to retire next quarter are the Core i3 560, Core i3 550 while the Core i3 530 will be retired by the end this week. These processors were released in Q2 2010 and were 32nm Westmere pre-Sandy Bridge CPUs.

Another series of CPU being terminated are the Atom 510 and 525 dual-cores and Atom 410 and 425 single-core, all dating back from Q1 2010, the presence of better products is mainly the cause of retirement. The Pentium G6960 is one of the most recent ones to go, set for retirement in Q2 2012, it was release a year ago in 32nm clocked at 2.93GHz. Unfortunately, it is now being beaten by better products that will take its place as well.

Now all this retirement comes with a refresh, Intel is set to start selling three generations of Core processors at the same time in the near future, it does come with its fair share or confusing numbers, so in summary with the first and second generation and with Ivy Bridge you will have the Core i7 600, 700, 800 or 900 series, then you will have Core i 2000 series based on Sandy Bridge, and Core i 3000 series with Ivy Bridge. Obviously, the number will reflect the chip’s position on the performance scale.

Source: Fudzilla