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Artificial Heart Offers Hope To Those On Transplant List

The first transplant of this type of Artificial Heart has been completed by biomedical firm Carmat. A French biomedical firm Carmat, have successfully transplanted an artificial heart in a 75 year old patient. The 900 gram…


Bill Gates Was My Secret Santa

A reddit user by the name of “Rachel” got a pleasant surprise when she opened up her secret santa present. Reddit last year had over 44,000 people across 130 different countries take part in a record…


Love Drone Is Lifting Spirits In San Francisco

Drones are not usually associated with Christmas and Love, however artists George Zisiadis and Mustafa Khan are doing just that. They are using the drones every couple of minutes in San Francisco’s Union square to fly…


Europe Launches Billion Dollar Telescope

An artists impression of the Gaia Telescope The ESA (European Space Agency) has successfully launched a highly advanced telescope into space, it’s mission will be to detect over a billion stars whilst providing the most detailed…


Facebook and Zuckerberg To Sell 70 Million More Shares

On Monday Facebook will officially be a member of  the Standard & Poor’s 500-stick index. Facebook and Zuckerberg will be offering 70 millions share to the public to commemorate this momentous occasion. With the 70 million…


Verizon To Disclose Government Requests For Customer Data

Verizon is getting ready to release a detailed report twice a year in regards to the number of law enforcement requests they get for their customers data in the US and aboard. The first of these…


Hackers Hit The Washington Post’s Severs

For the second time in three years The Washington Post’s servers have been hacked, with hackers gaining access to employee usernames and passwords. The Washington Post suspects that the hacker or hackers may be from anywhere…


Alcohoot Turns your Smartphone Into A Breathalyzer

Alcohoot will be able to turn your smartphone into a breathalyzer, just in time for the silly season.  Yesterday we brought you the story of an app and device to test your cholesterol levels at home, now…


EA Investors File Suit Over Battlefield 4

It looks like the PC version of EA’s popular game franchise Battlefield 4 has landed itself in hot water again. Two days ago we brought you the story of EA patching Battlefield 4, only to find…


Wink And Snap A Photo With Google Glass

Google Glass has updated software in its internet-linked eyewear to allow users to snap pictures by winking. The new feature, which promises to escalate privacy concerns already being voiced about the hi-tech gadget, came as one…


Snap Cholesterol Selfies With New Smartphone App And Device

A new smartphone app and attachment aim to give home cholesterol testers a clearer picture of their cholesterol health Cornell University is developing new tech which aims to bring cholesterol testing to smartphones, which would make the cholesterol levels…


Snowden: Dear Brazil, The NSA Is Watching You.

In a letter to the people of Brazil, Snowden offers to help uncover NSA probing in exchange for asylum More news on Edward Snowden has surfaced, with Snowden writing an extensive open letter to the people…


Build Your Own Starship With New ‘Star Wars: Attack Squadron’ Game

For those who after watching the Star Wars Franchise have had dreams of flying through space in a X-Wing or a TIE Fighter, well soon you will be able to with Disney’s latest game Star Wars: Attack…


New Battlefield 4 PC Patch Fixes Some Bugs, Introduces New Ones

The Latest patch for Battlefield 4 on PC has fixed the “kill trading” bug, alongside the sound loop error and a bug related to the China Rising expansion’s SUAV not exploding properly. The phenomenon of kill…


Key Microsoft Engineer Defects To Rival Google

Blaise Aguera y Arcas has left Microsoft for a position with rival tech giant Google. Blaise Auguera y Arcas, an engineer and imagery expert who played a key role in development of Microsoft’s Bing, has left…


McLaren To Use Force Field Sound Waves To Replace Windshield Wipers

McLaren to go next-gen with its windshield wipers, will replace them with a force field of sound waves McLaren’s Chief Designer, Frank Stephenson, has teased that a new system will be placed in McLaren’s new vehicles…


‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-Off Comes To Netflix Next Year

Bob Odenkirk plays lawyer Saul Goodman in the upcoming series “Better Call Saul” available on Netflix For all those Breaking Bad fans out there who subscribe to Netflix in the US and Canada aren’t quite as…


Amazon Workers in Germany Strike Again

Amazon workers in Germany walked off the job again Monday even as they tired to take their case directly to the e-commerce giant’s Seattle headquarters. The first action seemed more of a success, involving more than…


Facebook’s Donate Button Helps Nonprofits — And Facebook

Facebook is making it easier to use the social network to make charitable contributions to nonprofits with a new donation feature. The feature rolling out to its members Monday, lets people click a “Donate Now” button…


Google Said To Be Considering A Smart Thermostat, Again

Whenever winter rolls around it’s hard not to think of home energy use, insulation doesn’t seem to quiet work, power bills go up and it still feels cold. It appears energy use is also on Google’s…


Obama To Meet With Tech Execs Over Glitchy

Aiming to solve some of the Affordable Care Act’s Website woes, it appears that the White House will be hosting a meeting of minds on Tuesday. President Barack Obama will meet with executives from some of…