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Skype Taunted By Hackers

Although no user information was stolen during the latest cyber attack, Microsoft is still reeling in damage from the attack made by the Syrian Electronic Army on Wednesday. The publicity minded group S.E.A choose to target…


Remember The Machine That Finds Shiny Pokemon? Well It Just Got Better

Gotta catch all the shiny Pokemon Late November 2013 a modder by the name of dekuNukem was able to create a machine that was capable of finding the ever elusive shiny Pokemon. The machine called a…


Jellyfish DNA Can Make Glow In The Dark Pigs

When scientists from Turkey created glow in the dark Rabbits in August 2013, we wondered whether or not this interesting experiment would continue. Well it has, a team from the South China Agricultural University has been…


Want Super Strength? Artificial Muscles May Be The Answer

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have developed something we never thought would be possible. After all robots that have been designed so far to date have only been made to help in retrieval…


New York Times Design Director To Head To Tech Giant Apple

The new trend seems to be Media personalities jumping to the tech sector, earlier this year we had Katie Couric and David Pogue join Yahoo and now Apple has snagged Former New York Times Design Director…


Meet The Man With The Largest Game Collection

Meet Michael Thomasson, who was just awarded a Guinness World Record for the largest collection of video games in the Guinness World Records 2014 Gamer’s edition. After receiving his first video game for Christmas at the…


Apple Acquires 3 New Patents

The tech giant Apple seems to have it’s finger in everything at the moment, they have one of the most popular smart phones and tablets on the market, the Macbook keeps going from strength to strength…


Who Is Next Inline For Microsoft’s Top Job?

Microsoft set to announce new CEO early 2014 After Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced his plan to step down from the top job a couple of months ago speculation has been ripe about who would take…


Target In Trouble Again Over Recent Hacking Attack

Target has come out saying that encrypted PINs were taken during recent cyber attack Keep calm everyone, that is the message Target is trying to get across to all affected customers of the latest hacking attack. The recent…


NSA Phone Surveillance Is Legal And Vital?

The American Civil Liberties Union has had their case against the NSA dismissed, with a US district Judge ruling that collection of data from phones is lawful. For those that don’t know in June the American…


Dog Translator Gets Funding

No More Woof from the Swedish Lab Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery or NSID, is working on a translator for dogs and has just received the $10,000 in funding it was seeking on Indiegogo and has also…


Some Of The Weirdest Patents Of 2013

Since we are closing in on the last days of 2013 we thought it would be interesting to look back on some of the most weird and unusual tech patents of this year. Motorola’s Throat Tattoo…


Amazon To Compensate Customers For Late Deliveries

Amazon has offered gift cards of $20 and offered to pay the shipping cost of customers who have been affected by problems at UPS and FedEx. Amazon looks to be setting their cross-hairs on UPS and…


Spain Data Protection Watchdog Fines Google

Looks like Google is in trouble again After six months of legal drama, Google is set to be fined €900,000 Euro or $1.38 million in regards to serious violations of users’ privacy.  The Spanish Data Protection…


GTA V To Be Released On PC Early Next Year?

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas, well for PC users looking forward to the release of GTA V on PC anyway. Now there have been a lot of rumors regarding the release of GTA…


Deltaprintr A Simple Affordable 3D Printer?

The Deltaprintr, cheap option of those wanting a 3D printer University student Shai Schechter of SUNY Purchase University in New York, had enough of not being able to have access to an affordable 3D printer he…


Birds Key To Bringing Dinosaurs Back To Life?

Birds could be the key to bringing dinosaurs back to life, but do we really want that? Alsion Woolard, a Biochemist at the Oxford University believes that the DNA from modern birds could be used to design genomes…


Silk Road Pirate Accuses Government Of Stealing His Bitcoin Booty

Silk Road Mastermind Ross Ulbricht Ross Ulbricht or better known by his silk road alias of “Dread Pirate Roberts” has accused the government of being the real pirates, by for the first time admitting the government…


Google’s New SCHAFT Robot Dominates At The DARPA Robotics Challenge

Team SCHAFT posing with their winning robot With the DARPA Robotics Challenge, or more simply put DRC ending yesterday one clear winner was crowned. This being Google’s newly acquired SCHAFT Robot form Team SCHAFT, which started…


White House Trying To Prevent Ruling On NSA

The White House has acknowledged for the first time that the NSA’s bulk data collection of internet and phone activity was authorized by President Bush after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. With the administration…


Apple Inks Deal With China

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will be made available in China from January 17th 2014  Under a new deal that has been in the works for years Apple will release the iPhone 5s and the iPhone…