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UK Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Reaper Fleet in Afghanistan Increases

The UK Ministry of Defence recently confirmed the addition of five new MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), used for reconnaissance and combat operations. The 10 Reaper UAVs are flying from the Kandahar airfield with a…


Magicka Developer Paradox Speaks Out Against The Use of Video Game DRM

Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester thinks digital rights management (DRM) technology can be a headache, admitting his studio doesn’t want to put up roadblocks to keep gamers from purchasing new titles. It’s a difficult decision for…


Israeli Defense Force Recently Hacked By The Syrian Electronic Army

The official Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Twitter account was recently hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), saying there was a possible nuclear leak. It’s a clever tactic to try to embarrass the IDF, but this…


Sharp Gives Up On Consumer Appliance Market in Europe, Reports Indicate

Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp plans to license companies in Taiwan and Turkey to create home appliances for its customers in Europe, according to reports. Sharp is speaking with Turkish company Vestel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS about…


Chinese Ministry of Commerce Approves Lenovo’s IBM x86 Unit Acquisition

The Chinese government has approved Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s x86 low-end server unit, with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce recently giving Lenovo its blessing. The United States government is still investigating the $2.3 billion (£1.3 billion)…


Apple Interested in Automatic iPhone Unlocking Technology

Apple is reportedly working on a new technology that gives iPhone smartphone owners the chance to automatically unlock their devices when they are at home or in the office – and the feature will also make…


Blizzard’s Rob Pardo, Chief Creative Officer, Leaves the Company After 17 Years

Blizzard Entertainment will have a new executive position to fill, with Rob Pardo, Chief Creative Officer, announcing he is leaving the company after 17 years. Pardo’s resume includes design credits with the following game titles over…


China’s Xiaomi Smartphone Sales Booming, Quadrupled in One Year

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has enjoyed a busy first half of 2014, shipping 26.1 million units during the first two quarters.  It’s an impressive sales figure considering the company shipped just 7 million units year-over-year –…


Electronics Company Belkin Pulls Plug on Professional Cycling Team Sponsorship

U.S. consumer electronics company Belkin has decided to pull the plug on its professional cycling sponsorship, announcing the decision in June. Current team riders have given Belkin a deadline of August 1 to find a new sponsor,…


Lindsay Lohan Sues Grand Theft Auto 5 Makers For Using Her Likeness Without Permission

Celebrity Lindsay Lohan has filed a civil suit in the Supreme Court in New York, accusing Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive of using her likeness without permission. Lohan’s legal team has taken particular interest of the…


UK Government Investigating Controversial Facebook Emotion Manipulation Study

The social networking site Facebook has drawn strong criticism for its secret manipulation of user emotions. Around one out of every 2,500 users – a total of 700,000 users – were influenced to post positive or…


Ransomware Threat Awareness Rising Among IT Security Experts

Almost half of IT security staff know at least one company that has been hit by ransomware attacks, designed to lock victims out of critical files until a monetary ransom is provided. It’s a frightening threat with…


Samsung Throws in The Towel on Plasma TV Production

Electronics manufacturer Samsung is the latest television maker to throw in the towel on the plasma market, announcing that production will end on November 30. Following the shift away from plasma, the Korean company will focus…


Lenovo Still Expects to Close Purchase of IBM Server Unit By End of 2014

Despite the United States government currently investigating Lenovo’s attempted acquisition of IBM’s x86 low-end server unit, Lenovo executives believe the deal should be completed by the end of 2014. Analysts expect the deal to finally be approved,…


Cybersecurity Insider Threats Dangerous and Difficult to Defend Against

Cybersecurity experts are finding it difficult to keep hackers out of their networks, but the risk of insider threats continues to cause headaches.  It’s a troubling epidemic because most system and network security systems are designed…


CoreOS Launches First OS-as-a-Service, Ending The Upgrade Cycle

CoreOS released its CoreOS Managed Linux distribution, now available for $100 (£58) per month, being promoted as the first OS-as-a-service. Administrators don’t have to worry about updates, with patches and necessary fixes provided whenever needed.  This…


HotelHippo Website Not Secure, Providing Hackers Chance to Steal Customer Data

Hotel booking website is facing an investigation by the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO), following a website problem that allowed customer data to be easily extracted from the vulnerable website. After initially being contacted by cybersecurity specialist…


Samsung Uncovers Labor Violations at Dozens of Chinese Supplier Factories

Electronics manufacturer Samsung conducted an external audit that found employee rights violations at dozens of suppliers located in China, though none of the charges related to child labor. The company has more than 200 suppliers in…


Recycle For Rewards With Snazzy Special New Vending Machine From Envirobank

The City of Sydney is dabbling with a new vending machine from Envirobank, with the unit described as a “reverse vending machine,” providing rewards when visitors recycle plastic and glass bottles, or cans. Visitors can receive two-for-one…


Foxconn CEO Says Employee Suicides Due to Personal Problems, Not the Company

Chinese technology manufacturer Foxconn is essentially denying responsibility for worker deaths, saying 90 percent of the problems were related to personal and family problems. Foxconn produces products and hardware for Apple, Nintendo, Hewlett-Packard, and other major…


UK Government Partners With Open University to Teach Cybersecurity Defense

The UK government has partnered with the Open University and plans to launch a cybersecurity course that will open up classes for future candidates.  The multi-year program will hopefully develop students interested in technology to focus…