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ASUS With All New White PCB Motherboard

ASUS have announced their new iteration of the white, Sabertooth series. Containing a white PCB and named the Sabertooth Mk S, this hot piece of tech is created on the Z97 platform and was previously seen…


Confusing Assassin’s Creed: Unity GPU Recommendations and Optimising Issues

As we’re inundated with comments about Assassins Creed: Unity barely performing above 50 FPS on low settings throughout higher end graphic card offerings from NVIDIA and AMD, we’ve taken some time out to look at NVIDIA’s…


COD: Advanced Warfare Sales Teabag Titanfall, Destiny Sales… Combined

With the original Call of Duty title being released back in October 2003, the series has seen many fans come and go, many haters surface and many different studios working on the projects as a whole.…


GIGABYTE Launch Crazy WaterForce Tri-SLI GTX 980

Maybe you’re interested in rendering Pixar’s next animation or run Crysis release number nine on seven different monitors. If so, GIGABYTE has just released a product you might be interested in. They’ve announced their new GeForce…


HARDCORE, the FPS Styled Movie Hits Indiegogo, Needs Your Financing Help

Do you remember that awesome first person account of a businessman stealing a magical transporting orb whilst racking up a Rambo-esque body-count in the process? Well, ‘Biting Elbows‘ are looking to take their captivating first person…


Uber Looking for $1bn in Funding

Got a few spare million in your back pocket? Popular rideshare service provider Uber is seeking to bankroll their global expansion by raising another $1 billion in funding – adding to their expected valuation total of $25 billion.…


Tor Raid: 16 Arrested, 410 Underground Sites Hit

European and US authorities have conducted raids over the weekend, seizing 27 websites and arresting 16 people in an order to target illegal black market servicing websites. US authorities claim that this global project was the…


Huawei Set 4.5G Mobile Network for 2016 Release

Being subbed as the “all things internet”, Huawei Wireless Network Business Unit LTE Product Line President ‘Wang’ is looking to use his company to push us into the future. He recently spoke to a Bejing Youth…


Blizzard Tease New FPS Named Overwatch

Well, if that cinematic hasn’t already blown you away or tugged on some heart-strings – maybe what you’re about to read will. There’s no denying that Blizzard are kings when it comes to the trailer department,…


Companies Interested in Aquiring AVG Technology

According to ‘informed sources’, a number of private equity firms have been inquiring about an acquisition of AVG Technologies as of recent. Apparently the talks are in early informal stages, but there’s a possibility we will…


Dell Announces Venue 11 Pro 7000 Tablet PC

Not to be left in the dust, large-scale tech company Dell has announced the release of their new windows 8.1 Tablet; the Venue 11 Pro 7000. Said to be similar in design to the Microsoft Surface Pro…


Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” Slogan Goes Further

Google CEO Larry Page is known for his implementation of the search engine giant Google slogan of “Don’t be evil”. But now he’s taking it one step further, claiming that his company is prepared to go…


Samsung’s New 13-Inch Android Tablet/Laptop

When does a tablet become stop being a tablet and instead become more of a laptop? Samsung are pushing size boundaries by releasing a new 13-inch tablet before the dawn of 2015. We’ve learned that most…


4k Support and FPS Mode for GTA V on PC

According to a recently published hands-on account of GTA V, gaming website Computers and Video Games has ‘spilled the beans’ on upcoming 4K quality support, and an impressive first person mode for this very long-awaited release. In…


Intel Reveal New Broadwell Core M Chips

If you’ve been a little caught up in the PC Gaming Master Race, you might have forgotten that Mac’s need love too. Intel have just announced their newest Mac orientated processors as part of their Broadwell…


XBONE Gets Processor Upgrades

In a bid to allow gamers to experience proper frame-rates, the Xbox One has just been confirmed receiving an upgraded higher-speed, lower-power 20nm AMD processor. On top of giving the Xbox a little more grunt, AMD’s…


Meet MSI’s New GT80 Titan With Full Mechanical Keyboard

18 inches of beauty – MSI’s new GT80 Titan notebook contains a blisteringly fast GTX 980M graphics card and a fully mechanical SteelSeries keyboard. The Taiwanese technology manufacturer has just let slip details of their new champion…


New Fibre Technology – 1TB Transferred in 3 millieconds

Do you remember when 10 megabit networks were the crux of our networking technology? Transferring your 500mb back-ups over from one computer to another took an age, let alone downloading something large off the internet. Once…


Ubisoft Far Cry 4 Dev Claims Resolution Doesn’t Matter

Please allow me to use a popular meme – “Ubisoft pls”. Unfortunately for the large name game creator they seriously can’t catch a break as of recent – but it’s thanks to their own actions and…


Sony Xperia Creative Director Leaves, Sony in Turmoil

Creative leader Kirchiro Kurozumi has called it quits, leaving large-name tech Company Sony to pursue a slightly different career in Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporation SoftBank. This is especially bad timing for Sony, as they’re currently transitioning through a…


Experts Say Storing Your Phone in Pants Can Lower Sperm Count 30%

The Wold Federation of Chinese Medicine Society of Andrology branch don’t mess around when it comes to our ‘prized jewels’. They’ve released an interesting study to commemorate world health day that claims carrying your phone around…