US Navy Pays For XP Support

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Governments have long been accused of not planning for the future and thus wasting money on projects which really should have been modernized. Well, this is no exception as its been announced that the US Navy will be transferring approximately $9 million dollars to Microsoft. What for! You may ask, is it for the latest back door into the software’s giants system? No, the money is for a polite but expensive tech person to offer support for Microsoft XP which is installed on the US Navy’s systems.

In response the US Navy has stated that it plans to upgrade their systems, did god I hope it’s not Vista, by July 12 2016. This sounds promising until the small print also states that the US Navy has the option to extend the support for XP until at least June 2017 which will then raise the amount, paid into Microsoft to nearly $31 million dollars.

The next statements discussing tech are even scarier, not by what is said but from who says it and the position which they represent. These come from Steven Davis who is the spokesman for Space and Naval Warfare Systems, who announced that because certain programs which the Navy uses rely on a legacy windows product, until these programs are replaced, it’s XP all the way.

Microsoft are also making a killing by offering Support for Windows XP, according to Net Market Share, a huge 44% of corporations still have Windows XP installed on at least one PC Worldwide, this is nearly 15% of PCs which are still running XP. So the next time you wonder why your government cannot fund a certain project, just think of that dam Paperclip.

Thank You CNN Money and US Department Of Defence for providing us with this information

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2 Comments on US Navy Pays For XP Support

  • Avatar Comandante ÑOÑARDO says:

    Well.. This machine use Windows XP SP3..

  • I love Windows XP and 7. Microsoft is doing very wrong to kill support off on Windows XP. I refuse to sell my computer had Windows XP just for gaming.

    I support Windows XP and 7 until year 2050. I already had all Windows XP updates on hard drive space about rough like around 2.4 – 2.5 GB.

    It’s Microsoft fault. People need to protest against Microsoft to bring support back to Windows XP.

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