US Navy Launches Cyberwarfare Platform

The US Navy will soon be operating a cyberwarfare unit, targeting enemies of the United States with online attacks when directed to by the White House. Though US intelligence services have already engaged in limited cyberwarfare, such as the attacks on North Korea following the Sony hack, but this is the first time that the role is to be adopted by a military force.

A high-ranking Navy commander – presumably named Admiral Stating The Bloody Obvious – hinted at the move at a recent defense conference, saying, “you don’t win a knife fight without swinging a knife.”

The Navy is breaking its new cyberwarfare role down into objectives, aiming to “reduce the attack surface” (increase defences), upgrade IT systems, and increase “cyber situational awareness”, recruiting US IT industries to help shore up its facilities. The project is expected to culminate in the establishment of 40 cyberwarfare teams within the Navy.

Source: Engadget