US Judge Likens Government iPhone Unlock Request

Tensions are rising between device makers such as Apple and Google against law enforcement. It’s showing no signs whatsoever of slowing down either, you may remember that the US government have their force on Apple to unlock encrypted iPhones used in criminal cases.

Apple, however, is now contending that the encryption it provides on the iPhone is meant to safeguard user data first and foremost and that giving law enforcement access to see private data is a dangerous precedent. Earlier this week, comments made by U.S Magistrate James Orenstein this week has bolstered Apple’s position and also dampened the U.S government’s wishes to steamroll technology companies. He took the tactic of comparing forcing apple to unlock an iPhone with forced lethal injection.

HotHardware released that Orenstein said it was similar to a hypothetical situation of a drug company being forced to provide lethal injection drugs for use in an execution, even if had objections to its products being used for such a purpose.

The lawyer for the Department of Justice Saritha Komatireddy didn’t take too well to Orenstein’s comparison, calling it “somewhat inflammatory.” Komatireddy also countered the comment, rightfully pointing out that Apple has been complicit in the past in granting law enforcement the ability to unlock iPhones. It makes me wonder why they’re fighting back now?